Time-Tested Home Remedies

Time-Tested Home Remedies

Posted by Janice Stillman on 25th Feb 2020

Double-Action Natural Pain Relief

Find out how you can soothe body ailments and give your wallet a rest at the same time with the latest edition of the Almanac as part of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Best Value Club.

Dear Wise Reader,

Remember when Grandma told you to drink honey and lemon for a sore throat? It turns out that she was right. In fact, a lot of those old home remedies are more than just myth. Researchers are finding that some of those family cures have the science to prove their claims of healing properties. Take achy muscles, for instance.

Plenty of over-the-counter analgesics contain capsaicin to help relieve the pain associated with muscle pulls, sprains, or arthritis. Capsaicin, which is the “heat” you feel when you eat a hot pepper, may trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. But did you know that it’s not that hard to make your own topical remedy for those same muscle aches?

Cayenne, olive oil, and beeswax is all you need to create your personal pain reliever. A few words of warning, though. Don’t apply this remedy to broken skin or burned areas and avoid using it right after a hot bath or shower. Keep the mixture away from children. Also, the capsaicin can interact with some prescription or commercial products, so be sure to consult a health care professional before using capsaicin in a therapeutic setting.

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Calm Uncomfortable Joints

Does your microwavable heat pack not quite do the job? Many commercial heat packs are filled with rice, which dries out and can develop an unpleasant odor over time. Whole corn, on the other hand, produces a slightly moist heat that penetrates more deeply into painful areas, giving you greater, longer-lasting relief. As a bonus, corn kernels hold their heat longer than rice, too, so you can relax that much longer. That’s good, because once you have this heat pack on your achy joints, you won’t want to move! Now, if someone would just turn on the television and bring over a sandwich ...

Cool That Cranky Canker

The only problem with that sandwich is that it can be incredibly uncomfortable to eat if you have a canker sore. Some people believe that those whitish, red-edged spots inside the mouth are due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Other people believe that they’re from hormonal changes or allergies. We may not know exactly what causes a canker sore, but we do know that they make our mouth really unhappy for about a week or so. No need to suffer, though. One simple way to relieve the discomfort is to let ice chips dissolve slowly in your mouth.

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Sore Throat Solutions

Back to that sore throat. How can home remedies help with a viral or bacterial infection? Drinking fluids helps to keep your swollen mucous membranes moist, which helps the healing process. Good old water right out of the tap is excellent, but herbal teas, such as echinacea, peppermint, and chamomile, are great, too. And, yes, Grandma’s honey-and-lemon works, as do the centuries-old remedies that you can read about in this year’s Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Did You Know?

Pain relief isn’t the only thing that comes from nature. Step away from the medicine cabinet and head over to your tub. How many ingredients are listed on your shampoo bottle? How many of these can you even pronounce? Don’t worry. We can’t pronounce them, either. We can, however, give you an alternative that you can make at home with only two ingredients.

Yup. That’s right! All you need is baking soda and cider vinegar. We tested this and found that the two-ingredient method leaves hair shiny and more manageable than ever. Never mind the fact that it’s a lot less expensive. And we’re willing to bet that this is the only shampoo that you would use to bake a cake!

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