Get Your 2020 Garden Dates and Tips Now!

Get Your 2020 Garden Dates and Tips Now!

Posted by Janice Stillman on 27th Aug 2019

Get advice, folklore, and gardening secrets (shhh!), as well as some interesting plant trivia in The Old Farmer’s Almanac Gardening Calendar. 

Dear Hopeful Horticulturist,

When you’ve been publishing an Almanac and studying the weather since George Washington was president, you pick up a few gardening tips. You pass along a few folk sayings down through the years. You learn some interesting facts. (Did you know that a ladybug can eat as many as 5,000 aphids during its lifetime?)

When we were putting together our Gardening Calendar for the coming year, we looked back at those tips, sayings, and facts, gathered our favorites, and “penciled them in.” Kidding. We used ink.

Don’t think us negligent, though. These facts and tales and bits of wisdom are all true—except maybe the one about planting peas and beans in a leap year and how this could cause them to grow the “wrong” way in their pods. We haven’t verified that one.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Get More Cukes

Do your cucumbers have lots of flowers but no fruit? Check the flowers: Both male and female types must be blooming at the same time for pollination to occur; males often appear first. Female flowers have a small, cucumber-shape bump at the base that will become the fruit.

Shade your plants during high heat to help prevent pollen damage. Pollinators are less active in rain and cold temperatures, and insecticides may reduce their numbers. If they are not nearby, try pollinating the flowers yourself: Dip a cotton swab into male pollen and transfer it to the center of a female flower.

Grow Tastier Tomatoes

Tomatoes are North America’s most popular garden vegetable. But if you’re bored with regular old red tomatoes, try a unique, colorful heirloom variety. Heirloom tomatoes are praised for being tastier and more nutritious than their store-bought red cousins. They are available in a rainbow of options, such as tie-dyed-looking ‘Mr. Stripey’, purplish-pink ‘Cherokee Purple’, or fine-lined, yellow-streaked ‘Copia’. In the market for something different? Try ‘Green Zebra’, with differing bands of green and gold.

Attract More Pollinators

Bee balm (Monarda) is a spectacular garden plant and pollinator magnet. It likes plenty of sun and well-draining soil and flowers from mid-July to late summer. Numerous beneficial insects and hummingbirds, as well as the hummingbird moth, are attracted to the plant’s brightly colored blooms of red, pink, and purple. 

Unfortunately, these pretty petals are often saddled by white, crusty leaves due to the plant’s high susceptibility to powdery mildew. To avoid, stick to disease-resistant varieties such as ‘Colrain Red’, ‘Marshall’s Delight’, and ‘Violet Queen’.

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