Find the Best Days in 2020 Now!

Find the Best Days in 2020 Now!

Posted by Janice Stillman on 27th Aug 2019

Want a prizewinning garden? Find out when to start your vegetables (and when to take a break and go fishing) with The Old Farmer’s Almanac Country Calendar. 
Dear Precise Planner,
In August, 1983, Emily Martin of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, did something that no one else had ever done when she grew the widest sunflower in history. It was 32½ inches from petal tip to petal tip. In 2001, Melvin Hemker of St. Charles, Michigan, set the record for growing the greatest number of heads on a single sunflower plant. How many? An astounding 837.
We can’t guarantee this, but we think that we know how they managed to get such colossal sunflowers. In fact, we know how you, too, could get your garden off to a winning start. The secret? Planting your crops on the best days. And which days are those?
You already know that the Moon influences tides here on Earth, but did you also know that the Moon can influence how successful you are (or aren’t) on a fishing trip? Baking, pickling vegetables, mowing the lawn, and setting eggs are just some of our regular activities that the Moon and planets can influence.
So if you plant your flowers and crops on the best possible days of each month, you just might have a record-breaking sunflower. At the minimum, you could end up with a bumper harvest.

The Best Days for Planting
Depending on where you live and what you’re growing, you can start planting as early as January. Mind you, some of those seeds might need the comfort of a greenhouse, but generally speaking, the winter months do have some good days for planting. Early January and late February are some of the best days for planting aboveground crops. Not to be outdone, March, April, May, and June have their share of best days, as well. 

This year’s Country Calendar has all of the specific dates, as well as the best days for planting belowground crops. And when the time comes, you’ll get the best days for harvesting, too. Then find out when to pickle your vegetables, when to make sauerkraut, and what the best days are for canning. 

There are ideal days for more than just produce, too. Discover the best days for fishing each month (and while there are no bad days for fishing, some days are better than others). Plan your projects around the best days to destroy pests and weeds, prune, and even breed animals.

The Country Calendar includes a full month-by-month chart showing the best days each month for many common farming and gardening activities. Oh, and you know, it also has cool stuff like full Moons and solstices so that you know when to watch out for werewolves.
Did You Know?
What’s the best day for visiting a national park? We’d argue that any day at a national park is a good day. And if you’re going to Big Bend National Park, which officially opened on July 1, 1944, you’ll join about 400,000 visitors who trek there every year. Even so, it won’t seem crowded. Big Bend covers more than 1,240 square miles, including 118 miles along a curve in the Rio Grande River. The park is also home to several types of agave, which has long been an important source of fiber for Native American items such as rope, sandals, and mats. It’s also the base ingredient for alcoholic beverages such as mescal and tequila. 
Country Wisdom
If you want your name to be held in grateful remembrance, plant trees; if you want to improve the roadsides in your town, plant trees; if you want to add to the beauty of the surroundings of your dwelling, plant trees; if you would have your house and grounds more valuable, plant trees.
This comes from the 1860 edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, but it’s still true. But before you go planting trees, you may want to find out which days are the best days for planting them. And the only way to do this is to look in this year’s Almanac.
If you want to learn more about growing your best garden, plus other useful information, wit, and wisdom about almost everything, you can get it along with facts, folklore, and fun tales in our 2020 Country Calendar. It’s included with an Old Farmer’s Almanac Calendar Club Charter Membership!

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