Discover the best days in February!

Discover the best days in February!

Posted by Janice Stillman on 8th Feb 2019

Discover the Best Days in February (According to the Moon)
Fact or fiction? Plan for success in whatever you do by looking to the Moon’s sign to guide your decisions.

Dear Daily Planner,

Let’s talk about February. It’s the shortest of all months, arguably the most difficult to spell, and downright cold in most parts of the country. This isn’t to say that February is without benefits. Every four years, February gives us an extra day. No other month does that! February is also essential for summer vegetation. From our 1919 edition of the The Old Farmer’s Almanac:

Snow permits the penetration of a measure of sunlight, conserves moisture and replenishes it, and, in divers other ways, while loose and not hardened, is of advantage to soil and consequently to vegetation.

Even with the desire to remain indoors and let the snow do its work, February offers ample opportunity to plan, to ponder, or to paint your living room. Yup. You read that right. As the Moon influences our tides, it can also influence our activities.

For instance, did you know that planning by the Moon can help you catch fish? It’s true. Fish tend to be more active during a full Moon, and the best days for fishing throughout the month are when the Moon is between new and full. In February, the fish should be biting until the 19th.

Planting by the Moon’s phase is another age-old tradition that, depending on where you live, you can start taking advantage of this month. Across the southern U.S., the Moon is favorable for planting brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, and a few other vegetables as early as February 11. Less than a week later, on the 15th, the Moon becomes favorable for planting barley, broccoli, cauliflower, and four more common crops.


From Fact to Fiction? Finding the Best Days for Everything You Do
We use astrology to plan events according to the placements of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets in the 12 signs of the zodiac. It’s worth noting that in astrology, the planetary movements don’t cause events; rather, they explain the path, or “flow,” that events tend to follow.

While we can attribute better fishing or planting to scientific reasons, can the Sun and Moon really make that much difference in other parts of our lives? After all, going fishing or planting broccoli is one thing. Using astrology to decide when to wash our floors? It could, of course, just be folklore, but it can’t hurt to plan your activities based on the Moon’s signs. It just might help, and it’s certainly fun. Besides, when did a little luck ever hurt anyone?

So when are those best days? Well, if you want to quit smoking, right now is a great time to start stopping, but the 20th and 25th are the best days this month. Those also happen to be the two best days to begin a diet to lose weight. And in case you don’t think that the Moon is indeed a wise (and perhaps wily) old soul, let it be known that when you’re cutting back on both your food and your smoking, you can work out your feelings by demolishing something, since February 23 to 25 are the best days for that. Then relax and go camping on the 26th or 27th.

What else can you do this month? February 17 and 18 are the best days for traveling for pleasure this month, while the 11th and 12th are the best days to color your hair. If you like baking, plan to spend time in the kitchen on February 15 and 16 and make your sauerkraut from February 23 to 25. Oh, and washing your floors? February 6 and 7 are your days!

Wondering what the best days are for setting eggs in February? March? The best days to start a project this month—or next? You’ll have to take a look inThe Old Farmer’s Almanac to find those. We can’t give everything away here. (Our accounting department said so.)

Did You Know?

Ever wonder why we spell February the way we do? February comes from the Latin februa, “to cleanse.” The Roman Februalia was a festival of purification and atonement that took place during this time of year. Perhaps we still celebrate that, in a way, on February 14, Valentine’s Day. Is it reasonable to believe that love is a form of purification? February is also a time of new beginnings as the start of the Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig).

There’s another celebration to look forward to this month, as well! Grand Canyon National Park was established 100 years ago on February 26. And according to folklore, skunks start mating on the 24th. If that’s not cause for celebration, we don’t know what is!

The Skies in February

Another celebration of sorts occurs on Tuesday, February 19, as the full Moon (also known as the Snow Moon) rises high into the night sky. After this month, the full Moon will begin appearing lower on the horizon as we head toward summer.

Mars is also visible throughout February just as darkness falls. Appearing bright orange, Mars stands halfway up the southwestern sky. To the left of Mars, Uranus is just visible to the naked eye in unpolluted skies early and again late in the month. If you’re using binoculars, it is easily identified as the only green “star” as you move leftward from Mars.

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